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corfu guideMaybe this is the first holiday on Corfu that you will arrange yourself. Then it might be that you have some questions about the island. It's always convenient to know someone that resides on Corfu and can tell you important inside information, or even can show you the special places on the island. Let Green island help you! We can assist with a reliable taxi or rental car on the airport. Also we can show you some peculiar spots on the island.

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tickets-corfuTraveling to Corfu is simple. Buy a flight- or ferry ticket, check in by the internet or jump on a ferry and off you go to your favorite Greek holiday island Corfu. But, with a little help from your friends you might find the best and cheapest solution! With our list of providers of Corfu tickets you will always find your way, by plane or by ferry, to Corfu

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activitiesThere is so much you can do during your holiday on Corfu! No doubt that most of the visitors come for the sun, the sea and the beach, but you are nuts when that would be all. On this website you can find an extended collection of attractions, places of interest, silent beaches, authentic restaurants, reliable car- and scooter rentals and much more, shortly everything that makes your holiday on Corfu complete

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why corfuYou might ask yourself: why should I go to Corfu for the holiday? Most common answer is that yearly hundreds of thousands visit this popular Greek island. Those can't be all wrong! Beside that is the fantastic weather during the holiday season. But there are so many other reasons to consider a holiday on Corfu. Hit the button below and we will convince you that there are many reasons to choose Corfu as destination for your next holiday

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corfu infoMaybe this is your first holiday on Corfu. In that case it's handy to know where to find information that will make your holiday on this Greek island unforgettable. Click on the button below and you will find extended information about the Greek kitchen, public transport, car-, and scooter rentals, buying property on Corfu, consulates, emergency numbers and common information about Corfu

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