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One of the most photographed spots of Corfu is without doubt the pier in the bay of Garitsa. At the landside is the windmill, or, like the Greeks call it, Anemómylos. The spot is very popular for the residents of Corfu. The temperature of the water is very pleasant, winter and summer, so ideal for a swim.
Tourists like to go there too. The Garitsa Bay is just outside Corfu Town and Kanoni. The bay is always stuffed with yachts of all sizes, from humble to megalomaniac, and you will find many cozy eating houses and restaurants. In short, i's a fine place to spend at least one day of your holiday on Corfu, no matter where you reside on the island.

Café Restaurant at a special location

At a prominent place (in more than one aspect) of Garitsa Bay is Anemómylos, a Bar-Restaurant called after the windmill, that seems to be a part of the backyard. A brilliant location, where you can have a great time. You must have visit this place during your stay on the island!
First of all, the restaurant / (cocktail)bar is located beautifully. At the East coast of Corfu, a bit into the sea, so you can watch the coast from here to Nissaki and sometimes even to Kassiopi. Southward you can see Lefkimmi and everything in front. Oppossite is the sloping mainland of Greece and Albania and a thousand boats. Most particular is the bay of Garitsa itself, with many fishing boats, sailboats and the superyachts of the Rich & Famous. At the background as always the conversant Old Fortress, keeping an eye on everything. Yeah, at Anemómylos you know where to look.

A restaurant unlike others

Anemómylos is different from most restaurants on Corfu. You will not find the common dishes like souvlaki, bifteki, lamb chops or a thousand main dishes at the menu. You can make your choice out of a few starters, some special dishes, vegetarian, meat of fish. The menu varies every day. Every dish is prepared with fresh products. That was one of the wishes, no, demands of the chef. He was used to cook with fresh products at his previous restaurant and that's the way it takes, is his point of view. Fresh is fresh and that's it. The restaurants is open from the morning until dawn. You can go there for a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch or a copious supper. Man, how will that taste, there at the shoreline of East Corfu!
After strolling through Corfu Town or Kanoni you will be tired, believe it or not. So the first thing you want to do is to enjoy a cool breeze or jump into the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Anemómylos is the perfect base to do so. Maybe even better: Order a beautiful cocktail with mezès and sit there the rest of the afternoon, listening to lounge music, watching all the beauty that surrounds you.

Having a good time at Corfu shoreline

Don't forget: you're on Corfu for the holidays! There's nothing wrong with strolling around through Corfu Town, watching some cultural events and all. Main thing though is sunbathing, swimming, have a drink and a snack, relaxing, in short: everything that Corfu's got to offer. You can have it all at Anemómylos. At the beautifully landscaped lawns you will find sunbeds and chairs everywhere. So sit down, drink at hand, enjoying the beautiful vistas at the Ionian, watching the ships come and go and all the beauty around you. You might even think about these words:

Ahhhhh, it's time to relax,
and you know what that means,
a glass of wine, your favourite easy chair,
indulge yourself, that's right,
kick off your slippers, put your feet up,
lean back and just enjoy the melodies

If you can only stand that for one drink, why not jump into the clear cooling water that surrounds you? At Anemómylos is a large terrace and a small beach with seats, sofas and sunbeds everywhere. This is holiday in the proper sense of the word! At night the party really begins. When the sun is down, the lights are on the restaurant will be transformed to a club. The DJ changes the music, pumps up the volume a bit, the terraces changes into a dancefloor and then there's a beach party. Until dawn you can party amidst your fellow tourists and the local happy few, having the greatest time of your life.
What more can we say? Visit Anemómylos during your holiday on Corfu!

Details Anemomylos Bar-Restaurant - Kerkyra Corfu

Stamatis Fytros
Emm. Theotoki Street
Corfu Town
Telephone: +30 - 26610 30047

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