Restaurants & Bars

Of course you want to taste the Greek kitchen during your Corfu Holiday. Sure, you can have your English Breakfast, fish and chips and all, but it would be sin if you don't try the rich cuisine of Corfu. Below is a list of fine Greek restaurants, most of them very authentic, with Greek and Corfiot specialties. Enjoy your meal!

  • Stou Maka

    In the warm heart of Corfu, in Temploni, you will find this utmost cozy restaurant of Spyros and Anna. Traditionele dishes, prepared in the casserole! Enjoy your meal...

  • O Mylos

    O Mylos, a very special restaurant with a Mediterraean kitchen, East coast Corfu. You will not only enjoy the great food, but also the spectacular vistas!

  • Epic Tango Bar

    You are on Corfu for the holiday, and you want to dance the tango? No problem, at Tango Bar Epic, situated in a very cozy neighbourhood of Corfu Town

  • Maistro Restaurant

    Fine fishrestaurant at the beach of Acharavi. What's tonight at your plate was swimming in the sea that very morning...

  • Veranda

    A so called Mezedopoleion, where you can eat Mez├Ęs. It's located at a beautiful location in Corfu Town. A place to sit in the sun, have a sip and a sup and watch the boats come and go. Great food for a small price and the views from the terrace are breath taking

  • To Fanari

    In the old town of Kerkyra you will find a lot of historical buildings in the narrow streets of this neighbourhood. When you are walking here, bring a visit to To Fanari (The Lantern), a traditional restaurant with typical Corfu dishes

  • Sunset

    Right at the beach of Paramonas there is a restaurant called Sunset. When sitting there, behind your beer or wine and an extended Greek supper, you will understand why it's called Sunset. One of the most romantic spots on Corfu!

  • Rex

    In the Kapadistriou, one of the most famous streets of Kerkyra, you will find one of the oldest restaurants of Corfu. REX Restaurant serves traditional Greek food in a very authentic and artistic ambiance

  • Pergola

    Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter among the atmospheric narrow alleyways of old town Corfu you will find this choice restaurant called Pergola. It is a genuine opportunity to sample rustic Greek cooking at it's best

  • Paradisos

    In the middle of Corfu, only 500 meters from Aqualand, you will find Paradisos Bar-Grill Restaurant, a child-friendly location where you can have a sumptuous meal, lunch or breakfast

  • Ortholithi

    At the end of the beach of Agios Gordios, Mid West of Corfu, you will see a characteristic rock, called Ortholithi, in the sea. There you will also find a very good traditional Greek restaurant with the same name

  • Olympia Mare

    Watch the ships roll in, watch 'em roll away again at Gouvia Marina while sitting behind a nice meal at Olympia Mare, one of the finest restaurants of Corfu. Indulge yourself with a gastronomic journey during the holidays...