Corfu Donkey Rescue

It started with one; Hope was our first rescue in January 2004, Dusty the second. Since then over 400 donkeys have been taken into our refuge here in Corfu.
As a refuge we aim to give:

  • the old a safe and happy retirement
  • the sick a chance of cure
  • the injured the chance of recovery
  • the abused the chance of regaining trust and hope
  • and the abandoned the feeling of security again

By helping us do this, we/you are effectively stopping the transport of Corfu donkeys for slaughter in Italy. The shelter was founded by Judy Quinn, an English woman who had recently moved to the Island. Seeing the plight of the abandoned and unwanted donkeys, she was moved to help. Feel free to contact her and ask what you can do.

About Corfu donkeys

The first donkey arrived on Corfu from Malta in the 1800’s. Since then they have been imported from mainland Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Eastern European countries. Used for transportation of people and in agriculture, seasonally for the olive harvest, the Corfu donkeys have had to work very hard. This is compounded by their very small size and the lack of equine knowledge to give expert veterinary, foot and dental treatment. Even the traditional Corfiot saddle, the samara, is so badly designed as to cause permanent damage to most donkeys at an early age.
The rapidly declining use of the donkey on Corfu and throughout Greece renders the animals valueless except for export to the Italian meat markets. Corfu Donkey Rescue’s main remit over the years has been to halt the exports by taking in the old, injured and sick donkeys and caring for them here. We believe that after 20 years hard labour they deserve a peaceful retirement as opposed to being discarded in a variety of inhumane methods.
This is an expensive business and has been fraught with difficulties in the past with officialdom and neighbours, not to mention financial problems. However, there is now much light on the horizon, we have opened a new shelter at Doukades, have government support (not financial) and a bright future ahead for the remaining Corfiot donkeys.
Through generous donations we have secured our own land, a large American Barn stabling complex and further shelters to house all the donkeys. However, we still are in need of support buildings; hay barn, feed room, store room and other very necessary buildings. And obviously running costs have to be found. We cannot continue, let alone expand without financial support. Please come and visit, see for yourself the work we do, and help us to help the donkeys. The new shelter is a beautiful place to spend a few hours to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that only a donkey can bring to a place. Kids love it the most!

How to find Corfu Donkey Rescue

The shelter can be accessed from the Paleokastritsa to Corfu Town Road only:
Coming from the south
Head north on the Paleocastritsa main road. Approximately 2 km before the village of Doukades is a Villa Alexandra on the right hand side. Turn right immediately after it. (If you see a sign for Liapades/Giannades you have gone a little too far) Follow tarmac road and take the 2nd dirt track left. At the tiny orange house turn right and follow to the end of the track.
Coming from Paleocastritsa head south to town
About 2km after the BP Petrol station at Doukades after a large left S bend in the road, there will be Villa Alexandra on the left hand side. Turn left immediately before it, follow the tarmac road then take the 2nd dirt track on the left. At the tiny orange house turn right and follow to the end of the track.

Check eventuallly the website of Donkey Rescue Corfu

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