Erikoussa Island

Regular visitors of the Green Island website must have noticed that from our point of view it is a waste to lie down at the beach only during your Corfu holiday. Our advice indeed: Discover Corfu during your stay on the island! You don't have to do it every day, it's good to rest, and the beaches of Corfu are very tempting. But this lovely and wonderful Greek Island has so much to offer that it would be sin if you spend your holiday only at the beach.

Neighbouring Island of Corfu

The neighbouring islands of Corfu are definitely worth the effort to put on your bucketlist. Well known is of course Vidos, the small island nearby Corfu Town. So are Paxos and Antipaxos at the south side of Corfu. Less know, and so much more quiet, are the Diapontia Islands, located North West of Corfu. If you like to combine your discovery with a nice boat trip, why not going to Erikoussa, the first in line seen from Corfu Town?
Erikoussa is a tiny island of only five square kilometers, but it is a must-see. There are only a few small villages, of which Porto is the most important with its port. Despite that it is an oasis of calm and tranquility. Ask people who were there before and they will all tell you: Erikoussa is so relaxed! So do not expect busloads of people, busy traffic and the bustling atmosphere of a big city. Visitors go to this lovely island to find peace and serenity.That's how it is on Erikoussa and the residents want to keep it that way.

To do on Erikoussa

Because of the small size of the island it is possible to discover the island by foot. The distances are incalculable and if you make a flanking movement over the island, you encounter several nice beaches and small concentrations of houses. Of course, you can sit on the beach in Porto right after getting off the boat. There you will be fine the rest of the day, don't you worry 'bout a thing. If you want to see some more of the island and the other beaches, you better head off for a walk. What is striking is that the houses are located haphazardly. Wherever you are on the island you will see houses here and ther, no streets clusters of houses. The reason for this lies, of course, in the past. The fact is that many Greeks who lived on the island, emigrated during the last century - and visit their island in the summer for holiday - mostly to America.Erikoussa: synonym for Relaxation!No way that you will find a big supermarket or warehouse at Erikoussa. With a population varying from 300 until 500 that will not be viable. Neither will you find a bar or restaurant on every street corner. You can have a beer or a meal on a terrace and yes, you can buy some groceries in one of a few stores. But hey, it's not Corfu Town.

Nice trip along Corfu

There is only one way to visit Erikoussa: by boat. Or you must like swimming very much. Most of the people who will go to the island will take the boat. There are several options to embark. Yours truly has chosen for a ferry called Alexandros from the Port at Corfu Town. It will visit Erikoussa four times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 7 in the morning, Sunday at 9 in the morning.
The journey takes approximately two hours and fifteen minutes, then you disembark at the pier of Erikoussa. It is a beautiful journey along the East coast of Corfu. You will see picturesque coastal resorts like Komeno, Dassia, Ipsos, Barbati, Nissaki, Kouloura and Kassiopi. At the North side of Corfu you pass Acharavi, Roda and Sidari, although the distance is a bit bigger then. On the way back you have the opportunity to see the mysterious coast line of Albania. The chances are that you will be accompanied by dolphins which reside in that part of the Ionian Sea. Below you can see a photo impression of the boattrip to Erikoussa.
Disadvantage of this trip is the short period of time you have to see the island.The ferry will visit the other Diapontia islands called Mathraki and Othoni and will come back to Erikoussa at 1 in the afternoon to pick up passengers for Corfu. So you have less than four hours to stay on the island. If you want to stay longer and see more of Erikoussa, we'll advice to stay over the night. There is one hotel at Erikoussa.
If that's to much but you want to spend a day there, it might be an idea to jump on a boat from Roda, Sidari or Agios Stephanos (NorthWest Corfu). However, have a good trip to Erikoussa!

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