George's Cellar

If you know where to find Lakones, then you will know George’s Cellar. The reason being, that if you want to visit Lakones, going from the picturesque Paleokastritsa, you will pass by this shop. The owner George is a very likeable man who always hospitably welcomes his guests with all the goodies of Corfu.

Natural and biological

This nice family business offers a range of natural products with a wide variety of herbs, oils, fruits, honey and wine, all fresh from the generally unpolluted nature of Corfu. When he is out of stock, George goes out with his family searching in the surrounding area, humming and plucking to refill his shop. Many restaurateurs in Corfu make use of his wide range of herbs, such as Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary and Sage due to the outstanding quality. There is no better recommendation. Quite often during your holiday, you will sit in your favourite restaurant savouring a tasty chicken souvlaki or juicy bifteki thinking: I wonder where that extra flavour comes from which I do not get elsewhere. Ok, the cook deserves all the credit and of course, George is not angry about it. One cannot know the chef purchased the herbs from George!
In George’s Cellar, you can also find a wide range of excellent honey flavours. Honey so beautiful and pure, it is a feast for the eyes to pour out a spoonful of this food of the gods onto your yogurt – shiny, gold, rich and smooth. If you indulge yourselves with this pure natural product, you will immediately taste the difference between real and imitation.

Tasty juices of Corfu

Obviously, you can also buy olives and olive oil in George’s Cellar. It might be a problem to finish your whole five-litre bottle during your holiday in Corfu. That is not the issue when it comes to the excellent wines from George’s range. Red, white, or rose, it is all there and the host is always in a generous mood. “Taste first and then decide”, is his motto. Normally tourists cannot select just one and decide to take a bottle of each. We just mention it in passing, forewarned is forearmed. On the other hand, during your holiday on Corfu, what is more beautiful than enjoying a sunset and a good red wine? Or alternatively, relaxing with a glass of chilled white wine while musing that life is not so bad?
If you want to know how George prepares his excellent wine, you can. Depending on the season, under his guidance, it is possible to get a glimpse into his cellar. There he will explain the process that gives his wine its flavour. You will also find a large supply of typical Greek alcoholic beverages at George’s, including Tsipouro, Ouzo, Metaxa and Kum-Quat.

Corfu souvenirs

At George’s you can also indulge in a large collection of nice souvenirs from this pleasant island. For example, authentic tapestries, tablecloths, bedspreads, beautiful vases, the busts of famous mythological heroes and villains, and other decorations made of clay. If you cannot find here, it is impossible to find elsewhere. So if visiting Lakones was not part of your plan, at least do it for the joys of George’s Cellar.

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