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Corfu is synonymous with romance! Quiet and abandoned beaches, a lovely temperature, most of the people dressed in a minimum of textile, enjoying a good glas together while the sun goes down. That is holiday at Corfu.
At Restaurant Ortholithi, at Gordios Beach (West coast Corfu), you can experience all these qualities of a great holiday at the greenest island of Greece. This family restaurant, previously well known as Alevizis, is named after the characteristic rock at the end of the beach, emerging from the sea. It's a marvelous romantic place, at least because of the splendid sunsets.
Enjoy the authentic Greek nightlife at restaurant Ortholithi Corfu. Imagine this; there you sit, hand in hand with your lover at the terrace of Ortholithi, silently and sighing, watching the majestic and mysterious Ortholithi. The deep red evening sun paints the blue sea in a 1000 shades of red, orange, yellow and bronze. The perfect sky above is in the same colours, changing every minute. In front of you there's an ice cooled glass of beer or white wine, beside you the most lovely person in the world (at least from your point of view). And you realize that you're at the kick off of a great night!

Greek restaurant Agios Gordios Corfu

Ortholitihi is a Greek restaurant with an excellent kitchen. Delicious Greek or Corfiot dishes, like Sofrito, Pastitsada and fish plates, all well presented and complaisant served by a friendly staff. One problem can occure: your plate will cool down because you are making pictures all the time of the fantastisc background. The sunsets vary by the minute, so if you have a camera on you it can happen that you forget the real purpose of your visit to the restaurant. So take your time to have a bite every now and then, then continue shooting photos.

Greek dance at Ortholithi

Ortholithi wouldn't be a Greek Restaurant if they don't organize a so called Greek night. Every Wednseday night you can enjoy real live Greek music. Like it or not, it will make you feel like dancing. To get rid of your diffidence, most holiday seekers have this more or less, a professional couple of Greek dancers will help you to dance the Syrtaki or one of the other authentic Greek dances. If you like to be at a genuine Greek dance fest during your Corfu holiday, come to Ortholiti. What a party!
Before you know it you will be in the middle of the crowd, clapping hands, hollering 'Hoppa!' and 'Hola!' The party is guided by professionals, so don't worry that you will find yourself standing on a rickety plastic chair, balancing at one leg with a glass of ouzo or a brazier on top of your head. The Greeks do, but because of safety and health regulations, follow our advise: don't try this at home.
At the end of the night, you will realize that the atmosphere of Corfu nightlife is marvelous. And after an unforgettable party with great food, music and dance, you notice that the price of all the blessings of life is more than fair. Have a wonderful night at Ortholithi!

Details Ortholithi Restaurant

Telephone: +30 - 26617 74770
Cell: +30 - 6973 356847
Web: www.ortholithi.gr
E-mail: Contact Ortholithi Corfu
At the end of Agios Gordis Beach underneath hotel Aquis

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