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Of all the attractions of Corfu, Corfu Town is without any doubt the most visited. This metropolis, with a humble population of 50.000 people, welcomes a multiple visitors every day. One of the most popular attractions of Corfu Town is the Jewish quarter, aka Abram's Hill. The atmospheric narrow alleyways aroudn the Jewish synagogue is pack-jammed with tiny stores, restaurants, jewelers, souvenir shops, eating houses are always bustling. Most of the merchandise is exposed outside, and so is most of the sellers and buyers. You can walk there for days and everytime you run into things that surprises you. So if you are on Corfu for holiday, it is a must do to visit this lively and active neighbourhood at the base of the New Fortress. You will not regret it!

Authentic Corfu restaurant

pergola corfu 01One of the most intimate restaurants of this neighbourhood is plainly Pergola. This Greek restaurant consists of two locations. A former church which is rebuilt splendidly to a very cozy dining and opposite the original restaurant. It's your choice where you feel most comfortable.
Like many restaurants, Pergola is a family runned business. The kitchen is specialized in traditional Corfiot cuisine. Then everybody knows: the price is more than fair and the food is delicious. We're talking here about Pastitsada, Sofrito, Stifado and other gastronomy from Corfu. A famous delicacy of Restaurant Pergola is Bourdeto, a typical Corfu fish specialty.
On Sundays during the season, especially for Corfu holiday seekers thus!, you can order fresh lamb on the Spit. This is what we call a Greek party, that means, if you like lamb. You must experience this when you're on Corfu for the holidays. The Greeks love it and will take their chances, so our advise is to make a reservation. You don't like lamb, meat, fish? No problem, at Pergola you can choose from a wide selection vegetarian dishes. Friday and Saturday there will be live music at Pergola.

Beautiful and charming location

pergola corfu 03It's not just the food and the drinks why you should visit this restaurant. It's more than that. The atmosphere in and around the restaurant is so typical Corfu! At the tables in front of the restaurant the Greeks are having a good time together or alone, enjoying their coffee, a tsipouro or a copious meal. That's the best recommendation a restaurant can get. The Greeks love good food and are always critical about the used ingredients and the quality of the meat and the side dishes. That's why at Pergola everything is fresh, they have many judges as a client.
Don't forget to enjoy the whole entourage around you. You will be surprised about the calm way of living, despite the mass of people. Watch the tourist mix up with the Greeks, merchant and shopper. You observe it under the sun, whilst sitting behind your drink and/or a delicious meal. If you want to experience a fantastic eat event in an authentic Corfu restaurant, you must go to Pergola.

Details Pergola Restaurant - Kerkyra Corfu

Your host: Sakis Kostas
Agias Sofias 10 (Evraiki)
Corfu Town
Telephone: +30 - 26610 26457
mob: +30 6944 714922
E-mail: Contact Pergola Restaurant Corfu

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