How to book Accommodation

Booking holiday accommodation on Corfu is simple; consider this website as a showcase. We do nothing except providing you a first look and a lot of matching information of holiday accommodation on your favorite holiday island. You have to make your choise where and when you want to celebrate your holiday on Corfu. Then contact the owner by e-mail, telephone or fax.
If you need help on this, let Green Island assist you.

search-accommodation Search for Corfu holiday accommodation. On Green Island you can find all kinds of accommodation: private apartments, houses, villa's et cetera. We provide a lot of information about the venue, the location, the resort and the surrounding area
find-accommodation Find your favourite house, apartment or villa. You can check for your favorite resort, what to do in the area, nearby the beach or not, all kinds of information for a great holiday
information Get all the details you need on Green Island. We provide a lot of info about entertainment, things to do, history and culture, restaurants, nature on Corfu, car - and scooter rentals and much more
contact Contact the owner by e-mail or telephone. It's simple and cheap. Fill in the contact form of the chosen accommodation and push the Send-button. The owner will respond a.s.a.p.
agreement Book your accommodation on your conditions. After all you decide where and when you want to spend a Corfu holiday!
ticket-corfu Buy your ferry / plane tickets by internet. You will find a list of ticket providers, plane or ferry. Check here some tips how to purchase cheap flight tickets to Corfu
happy-holiday-corfu That's it! What more can we say? Happy Holiday on Corfu!


Especially during the winter it can happen that your inquiry will not be answered. Many Greeks, even accommodation owners, have other pursuits than their holiday accommodation. If you don't get a response, let us know. Then we give them a call to remind them to answer your information request.

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