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  • Hiking
  • Tranquil
  • Central
  • Cozy
  • Spacious

  • Type: Apartment
  • Beds: 2 to 6
  • Rooms:

    Studio: One bedroom + kitchen and bathroom (2 a 3 persons*)
    Apartment: Two bedrooms + kitchen and bathroom (wit a bath) (4 a 6 persons*)
    *Possibility for an extra bed only €5 a day

  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Pool: No, guests of Villa Georgia are welcome at the large pool of the neighbouring complex
  • Comfort:

    Kitchen equipment (you can cook your own meal), coffee machine, fridge, air con, TV

  • Extra Info:

    For longer stays than one week it is possible to wash some clothing and towels with help of your hostess Athina. At the apartments is an option for hand laundry

  • Transfer:

    Not included. Ask Green Island for help

  • Price:

    From 45 until 95 Euros per night, depending if you want a studio or an apartment, and the period of year. Priceces are per unit per night, not per person

  • Deposit: 20 % of the total amount
  • Add. Costs: No
  • Resort:


  • Area:

    Central Corfu

  • Contact: Athina Kolagi
  • Telephone:

    +30 26610 94617

  • Mobile:

    +30 6973681430

  • Website:

    Villa Georgia Apartments

  • Description:

    At the west coast of Corfu, the rustic wooded Glyfada, is a good place to spend your holiday amid olive groves, lush rolling hills and beautiful vistas. It is an oasis of calm, peace and magnificent nature. The casual visitor will never expect Glyfada is still close located to one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu.
    This makes Villa Georgia such an attractive venue to spend your holiday. The small apartment complex is surrounded by all these nice qualities you can expect of a holiday in Corfu. The complex is built in a lush olive grove, where space is made for the complex and a beautiful flower garden. Due to the high altitude of the apartments and studios in the front you have an overwhelming view of eastern Corfu, even to Albania! Pantokrator you grab for free of course, but you're surprised about the huge range of all the natural beauty that Corfu has to offer. For the variation here and there a mountain village is thrown in between all the green nature.
    It's almost inevitable that you, in your Greek holiday outfit seated behind coffee, will be overwhelmed by thoughts like: How would life go on in that village there? How do I top that Pantokrator? How will the beaches on the east coast of Corfu be? What will be behind that mountain range? And such deep thoughts any more. Don't dribble folks, sitting there in the sunshine.

    Wonderful holiday on Corfu

    Are you being overwhelmed by emotion at the sight of so much natural beauty, it will not help much if you sit at the back. Also there you have a wonderful view, but more on the western mountain range behind the beaches of Pelekas, Glyfada, Mirtiottissa and Ermones. These rock formation makes the spectator feel small and insignificant. Void but grateful. Of course it is intended that you enjoy your holiday in Corfu.
    Villa Georgia comprises three studios and an apartment. All accommodations are equipped with the necessary attributes to provide you a comfortable time during your stay at Corfu. Although you won’t use it much, except toilet and shower. Here, the action moves outside for 99 percent and that is exactly what you expect from a holiday in Corfu. The apartments are clean and neat and will be every day in that state. Villa Georgia is a family complex, which is usually a guarantee for a well maintained holiday accommodation.

    Family holiday on Corfu

    What could be nicer than sitting on the balcony while enjoying your breakfast and the little birds sing their best song especially for you while Corfu is unfolding itself? Or lean back in the comfortable chairs with Dan Brown on your lap and a Greek coffee at hand? In the evening, after a challenging walk of course, counting stars, hoping to lose count halfway and just start again. For all these activities you have every opportunity at Villa Georgia. You are encouraged to rest and relax by the serenity of the area. All under the maternal guidance of the owner of the property, Athina. This very friendly woman displays herself from the very time of arrival until the unfortunate but inevitable departure as a first class hostess.
    To put it shortly: Athina takes care as a mother for all of her guests. Whether it is personal advice, help in discussing a car or scooter, which attractions are worthwhile and which are not, she is your help and stay. Ask for her to feel whether there is something going on in the area. A fun fair, a festival, a concert or other entertainment, Athina knows what’s going on in the area. She gives you the feeling of being a member of the family and you will be in the long run. As a mother hen she is available the whole day, being occupied for her brave chickens to make them feel comfortable and safe. Regular the grill will be stoked and nothing more festive than with the other guests putting a delicious pork belly in your face, or suck a juicy chicken souvlaki during a cosy BBQ. It should not come as surprise that many guests return annually to Villa Georgia.

    Perfect located on Corfu

    Villa Georgia is great located. Very central in Corfu, so wherever you want to go, it is close. First, you're obviously close to the beautiful beach of Glyfada. But if you want to go on a discovery then you have all the opportunities. With the beaches of Kontogialos, Mirtiottisa, Ermones and some harder to reach beaches in the immediate vicinity you can visit another beach every day if you like. You're even in a trice to the beaches of the east coast. Recommended for those who regularly dress like Adam and Eve: at the beach of Mirtiottissa nudism is allowed.

    Many-things-to-do holiday

    Don’t forget at least one day of your vacation to spend in Corfu Town, also called Kerkyra. This metropolis is in the neighbourhood of your happy holiday house. Accessible by bus, but also with the scooter or car it is only a thirteen kilometres travel. You could even walk, but only for the real die hard. Spend that energy rather to the immediate environment of Villa Georgia. Or at Aqualand, just two kilometres away. The adjacent Pelekas is worth a visit as well.
    At Villa Georgia is ample space for guests to park their cars.

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