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Acharavi, on the North coast of Corfu, is one of the island’s most popular bathing resorts. With a population of 1000 inhabitants it is one of the bigger places on Corfu. In the summer though, it offers hospitality to many times this number. This nice village has a lot to offer to the spoiled tourist!
First of all there is the pebbly/sandy beach and the crystal clear water of the Ionian Sea. The beach extends over almost ten kilometres and offers plenty of space to the thousands of tourists who annually visit Acharavi. Once you visit Acharavi, you will come back again for sure.
Because of the gradual transition from shallow to deep, the beach and its sea are excellent for families with small children. There are no sea urchins or other pricklies to worry about, so you can jump in the clear water without any worries regarding bathing bare-footed.

Holiday joy for everyone

acharavi corfuBecause of the calm sea you can participate in several kinds of water sports such as water skiing, wind surfing, snorkelling, fishing, water biking, scuba diving, or simply “frying” in the sun on your airbed. It is to be recommended that you rent a boat and view the magnificent northern shoreline of Corfu from a distance.
When you are in the mood to do nothing, there are lots of beach chairs and sunshades to rent for a fair price, surely not a luxury during your stay on this sunny island. When the weather is clear you can enjoy views of the south-west coast of Albania from under your parasol, with a cold beer close at hand.
Furthermore it is fun to stroll on the cosy boulevard that has a good selection of tavernas, bars, souvenir shops and restaurants. Alternatively pick one of the bars or tavernas and have fun taking part in a bit of people watching, and see who is first to spot the new arrivals.
One of the highlights of culinary delight is Tavern Maistro. However don’t forget to make a visit to the best spot on the beach - Beach Bar Veggera.

Shopping on Corfu

The entertaining broad main street of Acharavi is the place to be to spend your money. Souvenir shops, bars, jewellers, super markets, a diving store, restaurants, super markets, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, jewellers, restaurants and even more restaurants, jewellers and souvenir shops. Between all these local shopkeepers there is also a very fine bakery and a few car rentals and tourist offices where you can spend, spend, spend to your heart’s desire. From early in the evening until the middle of the night you can eat until your stomach is round and full for a very fair price and pick up excellent presents or holiday mementos.

Hiking paradise Corfu

walking corfuWhen you cross the main road – for instance at The Pumphouse – you enter one of the most gorgeous hiking areas in the north of Corfu. Acharavi is situated at the foot of Pantokrator, the highest mountain and therefore the pride of Corfu. The foothills of Pantokrator are situated right behind Acharavi. Leaving the main road you have several entry points to discover the breathtakingly, beautiful, splendid mountainous area. If you want to reach the top of the Pantokrator starting from Acharavi, it is recommended to rent a motorized vehicle. If you put on the hiking boots make sure you have plenty of liniment for your tired legs on return.
For those who want to be less energetic, it is recommended you take a walk to the adjacent village Roda. This lovely and picturesque fishing village is only a half hour walk away. Since tourism, fishing is no longer the most important way to make a living for the people of Roda, whoever makes the journey to Roda will know what we mean. However this does not mean that it is not worth the effort!
For a change you can walk to the opposite side of Acharavi and visit Almiros Beach, a very small village with a very quiet beach. Don’t walk too fast, or you will never see Almiros, that’s how small it is.
For the nimble ones: visit Kassiopi. You will never forgive yourself if you haven’t seen Kassiopi during your stay in Acharavi. Although you could walk it, it would be more sensible to visit the village using transport. Hire a car or scooter or even go by bus. Kassiopi is ten kilometers to the east of Acharavi.

Historic Corfu

acharavi corfuThe original name of Acharavi was Ivy (in Greek: Hebe). When the Romans decided to extend their empire they began their expansion in Greece and chose to subdue this cheerful neighbouring country. Since Corfu was the closest to the heel of the boot, these strange guys (Obelix words, not mine!) decided that Corfu was the most appropriate spot to use as a base of operations. Unfortunately a strong wind blew the Roman legionnaires to Ivi instead of the northwest of Corfu.
To make their point clear the Roman soldiers killed all the young people there and destroyed the then prosperous town. These insolent actions of the invaders concerned the remaining population so very much that they changed the name of Ivi into Acharavi, which means Unhappy Youth or Unhappy Life.

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