Croquet Club Corfu

Some people think that Croquet is boring. It's a dull game, played by excentric old guys with to much money, a crazy white outfit and acting strange on one of those sharply cutted lawns. Wrong! Sometimes it's played by rich old women too. No, that's a joke. I had the same feeling, when I was asked to join a friend with this particular game. After playing one game I was convinced of the opposite: it is really a nice game!

Corfu Croquet Club

True, you don't need the reflexes of a cat to participate a game of croquet. Nor is it nessecary to do the 60 yards within 3 seconds to be one of the best. And you can play without the fine touch of a ball like Roger Federer to hit a winner. Croquet namely is a strategic game!
You're supposed to hit the ball through one of those iron gates called a hoop. With some luck and a portion of technique you can do that in one shot. But then you are so lucky that you will probably find a wallet when you were hit by a bus. No, you need more than that to lead this nicely coloured but hard ball through the hoop. Especially because your opponents will try to prevent you from scoring. That's why a game can less for hours and hours. It's got nothing to do with a lack of skills, it's all about tactics.

Relaxing at Corfu

Furthermore, what about playing this nice game with the nice temperature you are used to during your Corfu holidays? The relaxing circumstances, the lovely environment and the fact that you are sporting will make you feel good.
After the game it's for sure time for a drink in Gouvia Marina, where the Corfu Croquet Club is located. Only a stone throw away you will find The Blue Cafe to stay and talk about your heroic game for another hour. Or to deal with the dramatic loss of your game. The nice staff will serve you some alcoholic refreshments to cope with it. If you like to take a few steps extra, you're only mentally tired, you will discover that the Marina accommodates several of nice restaurants and bars.
For more details about prices, equipment, rules and other croquet related information visit the website or call Nico: (0030) 6948 909 583

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