Attractive Corfu


What is the secret appeal of Corfu that makes people from all populations and corners of the world be attracted to this holiday island? It is hard to describe, because it is a feeling.
Naturally, an amalgamation of all the qualities like the lovely weather, the friendly people, the food, splendid nature and great atmosphere, is the main reason why so many people want to spend their holiday - or even the rest of their life - on Corfu. More importantly, though, it is a matter of feeling. You will fall love with the island. You will want to be with her and you will want to stay with her and never leave her. That is the only explanation we can give.

The love of your life

Compare it with the first time you fell in love. Why that particular girl or boy? Perhaps there will be someone better later on, which you may very often discover. However, at that moment in time you just want to share everything with that person for the rest of your life, no doubt about it! Not just because of all the attractive features, the nice figure, great voice or the lovely smile. No, it is because of their whole being, their every special characteristic, their whole essence.
That is precisely it with Corfu - an overwhelming feeling that you want to cherish this beautiful woman and want to be with her. OK, obviously, you have to return to the UK, but you promise her that you will come back. You will never leave her for good. She is under your skin.
And while the bright stars shine their light on her lush body and scatter a million stars on to the sea, you will promise her eternal love. Why? Because you love her.
You do not believe us; then just ask a regular visitor who counts the days until each visit. That is this special feeling of Corfu. More or less….

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