Corfu Culture

corfu culture

Corfu may be a tourist island par excellence, but for those that want to experience something more than sand, sea and sun there is plenty of culture to experience. You only have to visit the mountain villages to experience totally the other side of Corfu. Visit mid afternoon (siesta time) and they will appear completely deserted. Your only company will be the village cat that awakes from his snooze in the village square. Everywhere you look you will find very old houses and buildings where, if you look a little closer, lots of history is shown.
You can find ancient olive presses and other agricultural items, ancient houses and abandoned vehicles. Very often, of course, the coloured church bell towers are standing high above the village houses, watching everything that happened there. The higher you climb the more historic Corfu monasteries you will discover, all testifying to an ancient history.

History of Corfu

corfu angelokastroCorfu, the island of Artemis, is the point where the famous St Michael – Apollon line enters Greece. This ley line starts in West Ireland and finishes in the Holy Land. As it passes through Greece it changes it name from the Christian St Michael to the pagan Apollo and it is apt that this name change should occur in Corfu – Artemis being the sister of Apollo. The line is believed to enter Corfu at Angelokastro and then cross the island along the Valley Ropa passing through the town at the site of the temple of Artemis on its way to the mainland.
For anyone interested in the history of the island or for those fancying a day of culture as a change from sunbathing, watch the list of museums and archaeology sites.

Corfu Archeology

There are also several archaeology sites on the island and many of these have been renovated to give a feeling of the magnificence of the island in early times. Corfu Town is not for just excellent shopping, but a walk through the ages. Especially the back streets of the Old Town will take you back in time.
Corfu also has many excellent museums that the culture buff should not miss while visiting the island. Well-known attractions such as the Achilleon Palace (the summer palace of Sissi), the Theotokis Monastery of Paleokastritsa, Kaiser Throne, Mon Repos and many other places of interest attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

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