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The excellent Greek and especially the Corfiot cuisine must not be forgotten. For the Greeks eating is one of the most important qualities of life. The Greek culture is different from that in the UK; however, this is one thing they definitely have right. Without food you will die. Therefore, the Greek, like many Southern Mediterranean types, have created a genuine food culture.
This is how they do it: A meal should be enjoyed in peace, in good company without distractions. A meal should be lingered over and savoured. There is more to eating than just filling your stomach. The meal took time to prepare so they take time to enjoy it.
corfu restaurant 08Admit it; there are only a few more pleasant things in the world than to be with friends or family sitting for hours, on a sunny terrace overlooking a picturesque harbour or a spectacular bay, while you enjoy a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine and a selection of the various Corfu specialities. Do not worry about ordering too much, the waiters are expert at fitting another plate on the table. Enjoying all food and juices that Greek cuisine has produced, you realise -Yes, life is good!
What makes Corfu extra attractive as a place to spend your holiday? The reasonably priced entertainment. For example a three-course dinner in a regular taverna, you will be charged approximately 20 euros each, drinks included. That is fair, isn’t it?
In good old UK, you sometimes need smelling salts when you stand for a round. On Corfu, you will have a nice surprise when you receive the bill for a night of sipping and eating.
Check here a list of choice rstaurants and taverna's

Dress Code? A little...

The people of Corfu are very laid back people. Αύριο, αύριο (Tomorrow, tomorrow) or Σιγα σιγα (Slowly, slowly!) are common expressions. However please respect the local customs when visiting public seating areas such as bars and restaurants. The locals might consider it as an offense when you enter a store, restaurant or bar shirtless. Please do not wear wet swim wear, remember some-else will be using the seat when you leave.

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