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corfu guide 25For most people, holiday on Corfu is the best time of the year. One of the pros is the weather of course. That will be a bit drowsy in your own country on moments you expect some sun. In Corfu though it's beach weather most of the time. And whereever your apartment or holiday villa on Corfu is, within a 20 minutes drive you can splash in the clear water if the Ionian Sea.
The food is great and cheap, going out will not cost you a fortune, nature is beautiful and the people are friendly. Brilliant! But hopefully you will not only come out of bed every day to go to the beach and after spending many hours on a sunbed going to your trusted restaurant for a good meal. That would be a waste of your Corfu holiday!

Upgrade your Corfu holiday

corfu guide 03Luckily most of the visitors of Corfu are different. At least a couple of days the got out to discover some of the beauties of the island. There is so much to do and see on Corfu! Most common are without a doubt Achilleion, the Pantokrator, Aqualand, Kerkyra (capital city of Corfu) and he Kaisersthrone, to mention a few. You will meet there many of your fellow tourists and countrymen.
Are you more adventurous than most tourists? You want to discover the hidden treasures of Corfu? Why not ask a resident of the island to join you and show the places of interest that's not so common? Someone who knows the island like the back of his hand and can tell you all about the island.
corfu guide 02About Peritia for instance, the abandoned village of Corfu. Why not go together to places where almost no people come, especially not tourists? Or you like to go on a photo excursion in a deserted nature reserve, spotting masses of butterflies and other wildlife. Maybe you are one of many who like to search for snakes and other reptiles, to photograph them and have a great day in the wild. How about an adventurous walk on difficult paths to a secluded double beach or the smallest monastery on Corfu, cutout a rock in the bush of Corfu. Have lunch in one of the most particular restaurants of the island, get 100 years back in time in one of many mountain villages of Corfu, which are all open air museums. Visit the best restaurants of Corfu Town, or do a church walk through Town? You name it and we can do it.

Your own personal Corfu guide

The difference with a personal guide is that you don't have to walk in a group of people after someone with a sign 'Follwo Me'. This guide is for you. If you want to take some time for photos there is no risc that you will be grabbed by your earlobe 'because we have a tight schedule'. It's not the guide that determines the pace, you will do that. And it's you who choose the destination.

The benefits of a private guide

  • 4 persons maximum
  • Personal contact
  • No beaten paths (if you like)
  • Inside information
  • You choose the destination

Yes, tell me all about a private guide!

If you are not that familiar with the island, or if this is the first time that you are on holiday on Corfu, you can find some inspiration for holiday activities here

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