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Dassia can justly be called the cradle of tourism in Corfu. In the early seventies this seaside town offered accommodation to some of the very first tentative tourists. Those tourists were pioneers in fact, who discovered that Greece, and especially Corfu, is a great holiday destination. In subsequent years Dassia had been an example for many other coastal towns where holiday fun is concerned.
Yet this wonderful vacation spot is not resting on its laurels. Over the years, this resort has continued to develop and is a very good place to spend your holiday.

Versatile holiday destination

dassia corfu 02First of all of course there is the beach. This pebble / sandy beach, while not very wide but very long, makes it more than sufficient to accommodate all visitors. The beach slopes gently into the sea, making it suitable for small children. Here and there rocks are found in the beautiful clear water, which makes it good for snorkelling. Most of the very long stretched beach consists of a sandy seabed. What makes the beach even more attractive, are the palm trees, which sometimes grow in the sea.
A little bit of shade is certainly not a luxury for the pale persons who have just arrived from behind their desks in good ol’ UK. Especially on the very first day of your holiday you have to be careful not to overdose on the sun.
Not only for the sunbathers. Dassia is the ideal holiday destination for many different types of holiday makers. People who enjoy an early country walk and other sporty types will do fine in Dassia. Scattered along the length of the beach are several opportunities for water sports, both above and below the water surface.

Push the boat out in Dassia

dassia corfuBesides sun, sand and sea, Dassia has more to offer - much more. The promenade, a few kilometres in length, is mainly formed by bars, tavernas, shops, terraces, car and scooter rental businesses and a great nightlife including some nightclubs. Dassia is one of the most popular nightspots on the island, both for tourists and Greeks. Until late at night, lots of fun seekers can be found wandering along, in a brotherly fashion, amongst the many bars, nightclubs and tavernas. It is always big fun to join the pub-crawlers, strolling to the many venues where live music is performed. What will it be, traditional Greek dance, rock, or the relaxed atmosphere of lounge? Dassia has got it all.
The nearby coastal towns of Kontokali, Gouvia, Ipsos and Barbati rival with Dassia for the evening visitor. So once you have seen all eating establishments and drinking venues of Dassia, you can always take a stroll to the next 'strip', where new adventures are waiting.

Relaxing after excitement

dassia corfuIs it necessary to recover from the night before, then the very beautiful and vast hinterlands of Dassia are the right place to get back on your feet again.
The many cycling and hiking areas ensure that there are always new things to discover and enjoy. Dassia derives its name from the Ancient Greek word 'forest'. This is definitely no lie, you will discover why while walking and cycling.
The upper small towns in the immediate vicinity make the effort more than worthwhile. Discover the pristine neighbouring communities Ano (high) and Kato (lower) Korakiana, Agios Markos and other Corfiot villages, where residents interact in an informal manner with each other and the visitors. Due to good bus connections to the city, it is also possible to visit Kerkyra (the capital of Corfu) as well as the other resorts on the east coast of Corfu without a rental car. Enjoy your holiday in Dassia Corfu!

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