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Sunset Restaurant is a nice place at the beach with an excellent Greek kitchen. It is one of the oldest restaurants at the West coast of Corfu. It was founded before the existence of mass tourism at Corfu. No doubt that the people which runs the place has a rich experience to prepare and serve a great meal. The restaurant is located on the beach of Paramonas, at the West coast of Corfu. It's a fine opportunity to have a break in your day at the beach, have a cup of coffee, enjoy an extended lunch or an outstanding (fish)dish.

Choice Greek kitchen

Sunset restaurant has an extended menu with a large variety of Greek and Corfiot dishes. You can go there for an tasty lunch. Delicious salads, homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers, hot or cold appetizers or a mez├Ęs plate. You may choose a typical Greek dish like Mousaka, Stifado or Souvlaki. Maybe you prefer one of the traditional dishes of Corfu, like Sofrito or Pastitsada. You will be satisfied, no doubt at all.
However, fish is the real specialty of Sunset restaurant! Not really surprising for a restaurant driven by a family of fishermen. For decades they sail the seas around Corfu, making a living by fishing. Before there was telephone the Merianos family was selling the rich harvest of the Ionian Sea to the locals. Mid-sixties Sunset Restaurant came into existence and became famous with the islanders soon. Then, during the rise of mass tourism in the seventies, also the visitors of Corfu found in the restaurant an attractive place to have a great meal. Many people who spend their holiday every year at Corfu, will come to Sunset, no matter where they are at the island. They know what it means to experience the taste of real fresh fish and they know where to get it. Absolute masterpiece of the collection is the pasta dish with a variety of seafood.
Every dish is served with fresh vegetables and fruits from their own garden. Also the exellent wines are homemade and comes from the cellars of Paramonas Hotel, the hotel runned by the same family.

Restaurant at Paramonas Beach

Restaurant Sunset is in a beautiful location. The terrace of the restaurant is a bit higher than the beach, so the view over the Ionian Sea and Paramonas beach is phenomenal. A balmy breeze, which is usual at the West coast of Corfu, will make it possible to enjoy everythings that makes a holiday at Corfu so fantastic. Watch the activity at the beach, or stare at the horizon, thinking about life in common and your Corfu holiday in particular.
Once seated at the terrace of Sunset by night, you will find out why the gave it that name. Every night the most beautiful sunsets are showed to you wall to wall. Sometimes you have to force yourself to eat, impressed as you will be by all the colours of the spectrum. If you are sitting there with your lover, it is no doubt that most of the time the conversation is limited to uttering deep sighs. Indulge yourself during your Corfu holiday, pay a visit to Restaurant Sunset!

Details Sunset Restaurant - Paramonas Corfu

Telephone: +30 - 26610 75149
E-mail: Contact Sunset Restaurant

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